Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Outside, this morning.

Moorabbin Sky, 9.45 this morning (taken from inside the house)

early view -Moorabbin sky April18 2006

Five minutes later, the plume had grown.

fiveminlater Moorabbin April 182006

My friend Sam's here, and she's ducking out for a ciggie now before the toxic plume rolls over the house.

Told me something
Blogger ChickyBabe told me...

Looks like something out of a movie!

11:06 am  
Blogger Burnt Karma told me...

Hi Chicky,
thankfully the wind pushed the plume away from my house (and to a posh new estate). It's three hours on and the choppers are still roaming the skies.
Looking forward to the news tonight, I'm sure they'll have much closer pics than moi.

12:38 pm  
Blogger Enny told me...

You didn't set it yourself to see the top of your house on the news, did you...?

1:30 pm  
Blogger Burnt Karma told me...

No, I prefer to set fire to schools and hedges.

3:57 pm  
Blogger JahTeh told me...

That cloud of smoke was rolling towards my place a little to the south of yours.
The house is still full of the smell and the cat refused to go outside until late tonight.
They locked down the Kingston Centre where my sister works but she said the patients enjoyed the view.

9:52 pm  
Blogger Marius told me...

Wow, throw another house on the barbie, eh? Glad you're just an amused bystander instead of the story. :-)

10:04 pm  
Blogger Mrs_Pants told me...

My toddler's child care centre had a lock in as it is so close to where the fires were. Apparently all the kiddies watched the smoke in awe. Our house escaped the smoke although also quite close.

7:36 am  

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